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Monday, 25 February 2013


'Born & Raised' is John Mayer's Fifth studio album which was released in May last year.This album is so captivating, with its artful song-writting & souful simplicity. I must say, I LOVE IT!!! so i prepared my review of my favorite songs featured in this album;

  • 'Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey' - This is by far my favorite song from the album. The simplicity, the emotion, the whiskey...can't find a single flaw.seriously though,I love Whiskey..

  • 'A Face to call Home' - This song has a cheesy intro.If you listen to it repeatedly,it grows on you. The first time I heard it i wasn't able to get through the whole song but the clever wordplay and meaningful lyrics changed my opinion.Also when i finally listened to the whole song I realized there is an amazing breakdown around midway through..

  • 'The Age of Worry' - The first time i listened to this song,I thought this song was surprisingly powerful. The lone acoustic guitar at the beginning gave me the impression it was going to be more of a but i was wrong.The booming drums & commanding vocals really take this song to another level.

  • 'Fool to Love You' - This two-Minute song closes the album. May be it's just mebut when i listen to it,it seems like the chorus is a bit of a backhanded compliment. "It takes a fool to love you, and i'm just the fool for you".But one thuing is for sure, The laid back vibe of this song provides a nice, relaxed sense of closure for listeners
So there you have it,A review of my best songs in the album.i believe this album features songs that will stand the test of time.the only negative thing i can say about it is that more gutsy guitar playing But All in All,This is an Amazing Album.

Additional Information from Unstoppable music man blog

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