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Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Season

Its only one day before christmas day & I must say the 'holiday rush' is catching up with me......waaaaaaah! times files,it feels like it was just the other day we were celebrating New year 2012 and now it's that time of the year again;The festive season is here
 I made a list of my all time favorite christmas songs,they always get me in the 'christmas spirit'

These are my favorite classic christmas songs; 'The christmas shoes ' song is very touching,i almost cried when i heard this song on the radio & 'Grown up christmas list'  is a great song too,whenever i listen to this song,it always makes me want to write my own 'christmas wish list' sadly after the song ends,i never follow through.....:p

my other favorites include;


 Hope you enjoy: May this chrismas be a delight
Merry Christmas & A happy New year:-)


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