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Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Season

Its only one day before christmas day & I must say the 'holiday rush' is catching up with me......waaaaaaah! times files,it feels like it was just the other day we were celebrating New year 2012 and now it's that time of the year again;The festive season is here
 I made a list of my all time favorite christmas songs,they always get me in the 'christmas spirit'

These are my favorite classic christmas songs; 'The christmas shoes ' song is very touching,i almost cried when i heard this song on the radio & 'Grown up christmas list'  is a great song too,whenever i listen to this song,it always makes me want to write my own 'christmas wish list' sadly after the song ends,i never follow through.....:p

my other favorites include;


 Hope you enjoy: May this chrismas be a delight
Merry Christmas & A happy New year:-)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Depressing Songs

I was watching CNN one morning & they were doing a feature on how musicians are topping charts & making some serious paper on depressing in the feature,they wanted to know why artistes have decided to do more depressing and sad music?
songs like mad world by tears to fears, i'm alive by next to normal, loose yourself by eminem  people singin along to the lyrics of these songs but its pretty dark if you look at each of these songs more in depth for what they mean other than just entertainment

Russian Roulette by Rihanna. how much more clear can it get. This song is clearly about the game of putting a revolver to your head and firing. can there be more of a depressing song and yet this song ruled the charts & was really well liked when it came out.
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. I don't know how long ago this song came out but its still one of the most popular songs on the radio. The title tells you all you need to know that this song is not happy in meaning. having a bad romance is not a positive thing if you ask me although this song is strange and sounds happy if you listen to it,its not quite easy to tell that this song is not happy

And these are just a few examples, most popular songs have negative themes. they aren't all as sad as rihanna's or as blunt as gaga's but they are there & we seem to enjoy them which raises the big question:why?

There are obvious answers. I think that we are at a time when the lyrics in the songs mean less and less. Think of Rap music,most people love rap because of the beats & rhythm of the music but they don't really care what the artiste is saying. And pop music is similar, if the tune is catchy & the words are easy to learn it doesn't really matter what they are. But there aren't songs without words that are popular right now so maybe we just want simple lyrics that don't make us think to figure them out

Or is it that the world is in depression & we want people that relate to us? The global economy as a whole is falling to pieces, terrorism is on the rise and we are still at war and have been for years. With so much heavy stuff weighing the world down, its no wonder that artistes write their feelings into songs would be writing about sad topics.

But not every song on the radio is sad. When people aren't happy they two things; understanding & uplifting. That constitutes the other part of popular songs

Time for miracles by Adam Lambert. This song is a bit sad but it gives people hope & determination as he says he ain't giving up on love. This is what everyone wants, even in the worst of times they want to believe that they should keep faith & hope alive and since people look at celebrities for models they are positively influenced by the messages in songs like this one.

And then there's Nickleback.Nickleback's 6th studio album Dark Horse was one of their best top-selling albums. Dark Horse features hit singles like 'Never gonna be alone' 'Gotta be somebody' & 'If today was your last day'. Strange as this sounds, these songs are inspirational even though they're rock songs. they aren't kind about how they sound but they have great messages in their lyrics.

So maybe the world is a little down right now. Maybe it is affecting our media but some of us have taken charge to help uplift our spirits,give us hope and maybe someday most songs will be about joy & happiness, and we will all believe it.....

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

As time Goes By....

I've heard this song countless times on the radio & every time i hear it,it always gets me thinking about what it would be like to live forever young. As 2012 comes to an end,I realized most of my 'new year resolutions' are not complete and there isn't nearly enough time achieve all of them let alone doing things i want to do. If i had more time,there are tons of things i wish i could be doing. There are different ways to look at this theory, would it be better to live forever or just to make the most of what little life you have? I think there are pros & cons of each

If you live forever, you don't have to worry about the amount of time you have but everyone else still does. The problem would be having to watch your friends grow old & die when you never will. Personally i would hate to lose everyone i loved even if i would get an eternity to do whatever i wished. It is the same idea as the story Tuck Everlasting; in the novel Natalie Babbitt writes about the Tuck family who found a lake where, if you drink from it, you live forever young.. It is a cursed miracle & not as good as the alternative

Since no one can leave forever, we just have to try our best to do everything we can before we can't anymore. what that is really depends on you. I just think that everyone should do what they want so they have no regrets about it when they before this year ends,i want to achieve all my 'new year resolutions' If i can't least i tired

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

OktoberFest 2012

First of all, I want to apologize for not having blogged for the past few weeks. These few weeks have just been a blur, had a lot of things that needed to be done & needed my attention. This weekend i finally had a chance to unwind & bond with my girlfriends at the Oktoberfest that took place at Impala Grounds, Ngong' road.

Oktoberfest is an annual event hosted by Big Five Breweries & this year's event it was a three day beer festival with premium brewed beers going for as cheap as Ksh 200bob , hearty German food fare, live entertainment, a selection of fashion & accessories for fashionistas, a variety of wines & spirits for taste buds as well as electronic technology and other business service providers tempting their wares

My Favorite band 'Nairotics' in action

The opening ceremony started on Friday at 5:00 p.m with the battle of Rock bands. Over 10 bands battling it out ( I think this was the biggest battle of rock bands i have seen in this country) & the traditional tapping of the KEG ceremony led by a VIP guest from the German embassy.On saturday featured great performances by wyre, kidum, nameless amongst others and on sunday was a family-fun day featuring a jazz jam session hosted buy Denise Gordon & guest performances by eric wainaina & harry kimani

Wyre the Lovechild

Big Five Breweries launched the African centre for volunteers scholarship Fund at the Oktoberfest. With  mission to educate some 50 children from the slums for high education. The Big Five Breweries has shown a desire to support community development projects which is also part of their business engagement.Funds raised from this year's Oktoberfest will be used in this noble cause.
As my friends & I walked out of the impala Grounds on sunday evening, we felt the event was worth every shiling we paid for. would we do it again? Definitely:-)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wangari Maathai Memorial Lecture

Dr. Jung Chang
A historian, author & an engaging speaker - this are just but a few words that describe Dr. Jung Chang as a remarkable figure across the globe. The chinese born british writer is an international best selling author for wild swan & Mao: the unknown story, an inspiring tale of how women survived every kind of hardship, deprivation & political upheavel imposed by Mao Zedong (a high ranking cadre) Her remarkable rise from unimaginable hardship to literary stardom made her a suitable candidate for the inaugural lecture honoring Kenya's great noble peace prize laureate & founder of the Green Belt Movement, the late Wangari Maathai

The Wangari Maathai memorial lecture took place at louis leakey auditorium at the Hay festival in Nairobi.It seeks to bring thinkers from around the world who share the late Nobel laureate's enthusiasm for change, courage & resiliance in the face of adversity.
The Kenyan social activist & environmental crusader was the first woman in Eastern & Central Africa to hold a PH.D & the first african woman to win the Noble Prize for Peace.She was also a political activist who suffered for her strong convictions through political persecution & sometimes physical abuse
The Late Prof. Wangari Maathai
Born 72 years ago, The world marks the first year anniversary of her death. Her legacy lives on & her vision is still being carried on at the Wangari maathai institute for peace & environmental community.An institute dedicated to excellence & transformational community outreach and research for sustainable environments & cultures for peace. May the Lord rest her soul in eternal peace....

Friday, 7 September 2012

Back in Nakuru.........

Its been almost 6 months since i've been to my hometown Nakuru & i must admit,i feel homesick:( I miss the beautiful sceneries,the cool & hospitable climate,friendly people,home cooking,fun and hype Nakuru offers.I don't think there any town in the 254 that comes close to Nakuru with its breath taking wildlife scenes, charming flamingos, investments & business opportunities and a Rapid population growth,Nakuru is growing to be a capital city of its own.

This weekend, am going back home to spend  with my family & to enjoy the menegai oil's Prinsloo 7s taking place at Nakuru athletics club. The Prinsloo 7s came to an end on sunday with various teams like Strathmore Leos, Masaku Rfc, KCA, Impala Rfc,Mwamba, Quins KCB Rfc,Kisumu and many more participating in the tournament. KCB triumph to victory with a 36-0 win over Nakuru Rfc in the main cup final. Unfortunately, things didn't end well for champions Lunch bar Quins after winning Christie 7s & Dala 7s respectively, they were knocked out of the cup contention at the quarter final after a 0-10 loss to Nakuru Rfc.Mwamba was also eliminated at the quarter final after a 5-15 loss to KCB.

Prinsloo 7s Champions KCB Rfc

Nakuru Rfc @ their event
Although they're captain wasn't around, Kisumu Rfc sailed though to the semis after a 14-7 win over Impala. Sadly they were knocked out at the quarter finals by hosts Nakuru Rfc.
Homeboyz claimed the bowl after defeating mean machine 12-5. Nondies lifted the shield after a 10-0 victory over Eldoret Rfc. Congratulations to the winning teams & those that participated in the tournament, better luck at the fourth round of the National sevens circuit...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mashariki 7s

Seven years ago, a church was set up in the eastern part of the city. It was in 2005 when Pastor Gowi & 20 fearless influencers from Nairobi Chapel (Main Church) moved to eastlands with a mission of turning ordinary people into fearless influencers in the society.

Seven years later,Mashariki has grown to an average of 300 adults,130 kids & a growing number of teens.This month, Mashariki held a concert branded 'Mashariki 7s' to celebrate their seventh birthday.All proceeds from the event went to support Mashariki's capital drive Dandia ma3 initiative that seeks to give our church a much needed 'face lift' & to refurnish it to a place of influence.Unity college,IAT and afew colleges can to advertise their schools to our to our budding
youth who have completed high school and Nairobi Women's Hospital gave free breast cancer check-ups to men & women

Stage set up of Mavuno Mashariki

Me & Eko Dydda @ Mashariki 7s

Zidi the Band doing their thing
   The concert was packed,Mavunites came to support & celebrate with their church. Cindy ogana & Justoh were the event MCs.they blended really well with their witty jokes & imitations and they gave out gifts to hype up the crowd.There were also amazing performances  by Zidi the band,lonesome,Ojay of tetete group,zionists,altamin dance group ( a member of the group,anasa taught kids how to 'furfuri' dance) tims& dims dance group,Allan aaron,Rigga and Willy Paul of 'sitolia' fame

L2RAP doing their thing
  New artistes were not left behind,we had Wasaal,L2Rap,Edu scar,Dan Gee, Bitwon & many more representin.Finally,what evevryone was waiting for,the final act from Groove award winner Eko Dydda who brought the house down withhis energetic performance belting out hit songs like 'beautiful people',ghetto & 'niko na reason' leaving the crowd gasping for more.At the end of the show,Associate pastor.Milton closed with a word of prayer.

Happy Birthday Mavuno Mashariki,May we celebrate more birthdays!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I am a firm believer in bringing change to the society, i believe in being your brother's keeper & i believe young boys should be nurtured to be great men in our society.Today,being a furahiday (3rd August,2012)i've decided to go mingle with fun loving kenyans & enjoy great  music at the THIS BOY THIS MAN event at Dass Restuarant in westlands.

THIS BOY,THIS MAN is a bi-monthly event organized by tamasha beats band & cindy ogana.this event was created to support the BOYS TO MEN PROJECT which caters for the boy child in the society.In April, the event raised money for a young boy whose genitals were cut off with a pair of scissors by the city council askaris.Now, the boy is well & going to school thanks to the proceeds from this event & In June,The event honored & celebrated the life of the late Caleb Kipkan who lost his life after battling cancer. This month, the event raised money to purchase text books for uhuru boys high school

The event had amazing performances by the talented amileena who performed her hit song 'shine', ng'ang'alito, sexy kijani group,tamasha beats who performed  songs from their debut album 'Unveiled' and many more. The lovely KTN news anchoraws on auction. The highest bidder got a chance to have dinner with her (unfortunately i wasnt the highest:-( )

It was a night of fun & empowerment, all for a GOOD COURSE.kudos tamasha beats for this amazing charity event....

Monday, 23 July 2012

Hip Hop Halisi

21st July,2012; The much anticipated Gal Power: Simangwe album by L-Ness drops today and i can't wait to get my copy of that album. I made my way to Goethe Institut,monrovia street where the hip hop concert was taking place and i must say lots of people came out to show their love & support to the kenyan hip hop queen. Most kenyan underground hip hop artistes don't get much airplay so to speak,Real Hip hop is not on radio but in the streets

L-Ness is one of the best Hip hop Femcees in the Kenyan Hip hop scene. She translates Hip hop as a main stream & supporting artiste.

The album launch was amazing. Various artistes like Evaredi Snarl, Kimya, Monaja, AP from Uganda many more curtain raised. The MCs, Judge & Pepehaze did not disappoint. They blended well & controlled activities accordingly.

The Show Stopper of the night,L-Ness stepped on stage the crowd went wild.she was 'oozing out' confidence with her stage appearance and  her lyrical flow. She proved that her 'Gal Power' was about skill,beats & fundamental content.

Her album Gal Power; Simangwe shares passion of rap music & its elements from a girl's point of view by celebrating hip hop & its elements. It also address everyday struggles that african women  go through & solutions to challenges women face.The album features various female emcees.

Congrats!! L-Ness ( Queen of Kenyan Hip Hop )  for job well done!!!

Friday, 6 July 2012


All smiles at the retreat!

Little Patrick couldn't hide his smiley face
On Saturday,my friend & i decided to take a short trip to Nyeri.Its been a while since i've been there & it been a weekend i decided why not?. After our arrival,my pal & i decided to pass by Upendo children centre.UCC as its commonly referred to,is an orphanage for abused,abandoned & orphaned children in Nyeri.As we made our way to the entrance,we were welcomed by 2 lovely ladies Grace & Rebecca who volunteers there as housemothers.The place was filed with excitement.It turns out a local church had organized a retreat on that very day to cheer the kids up! At the center  the kids were all smiles, we sang, ate, drunk & played together as they received food stuffs,clothes & toys donated to them by the church & us(of course). It was so exciting.

TEL: +254 723 756378

Monday, 2 July 2012

Beautiful Scenaries (Part 1)

Kenya is one of the best tourism destinations in Africa.Despite the bomb attacks,I still believe Kenya remains one of the top ten 'must visit' place in Africa.i saw these photos & i fell in love wit them totally,it makes me proud to be in this country.i decided to share:-)


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